Posted by: molander | September 13, 2009

Living in Ignorant Bliss

You may think this stuff is boring but that doesn’t change the fact that your body is going to do its thing whether you learn about it or not. I really don’t recommend continuing to live in ignorant bliss!

Go Organic.

Now before you pull out your love beads and incense, let’s get the record straight. There are legitimate reasons why conventionally produced foods need to be moving off your grocery list. First, pull out your notebooks for our vocabulary lesson:

xxxx 1. Bioaccumulation – when stuff accumulates in living tissue usually with poisonous effects.

xxxx 2. Carcinogen – something that is known to cause cancer

xxxx 3. Conventional – regular ol’ fruits and vegetables. Grown with the assistance of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and possibly started as Frankenseeds.

xxxx 4. GMO – Genetically Modified Organism; aka Genetically Engineered Food; Frankenfood; An organism whose genetic make-up has been scientifically altered. Purpose in crops: to increase yield and make them resistant to certain pesticides, diseases, or insects. Concerns exist that GMO foods may impact human health and the natural order of the environment.

Quoting myself from a September 10, 2009 post:

Unfortunately, BHA isn’t the only thing we’re confronted with on a daily basis nor is it only in one product we’ll use. It’s in HUNDREDS! Plus there are tons of other chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, pesticides and herbicides we’re ingesting, breathing or touching on a regular basis. Maybe ONE of these, in the tiny amounts tested, exposed minimally can be “generally recognized as safe” but what about the millions we’re bombarded with all day… over time?? It’s the CUMULATIVE effect that increases our health risks. We can’t live in an environment free of these things (perfection) but we CAN make choices to reduce our exposure.

Facts in brief:

xxxx 1. You can’t just rinse off pesticides/herbicides, etc. from your food. The stuff is in the ground – you know… where they grow? Where they get their nutrients and water?

xxxx 2. And speaking of water, those chemicals make their way there, too. (Remember studying the water cycle in elementary science?) Here’s a basic explanation from the University of California

  1. Municipal filtration systems don’t take them [all] out
  2. Commercial water filters can’t remove them (What do they remove: Here’s links for Pur  or Brita )
  3. And don’t forget the pharmaceuticals in the water! Yikes! (Pur claims to remove these with their 3-stage filter.)

xxxx 3. GMOs are not only grown for our consumption (45% of US corn) but for animal feed as well. We eat the animals or dairy products and… well… you get it.

xxxx 4. Scary: Lots of research about studies linking consumption of pesticides to cancer, diabetes and other side-effects: tremors, headaches, skin irritations, breathing problems, dizziness, nausea, seizures, cancer, brain damage, Parkinson’s disease, birth defects, (and more). Blame seems to be placed on bioaccumulation.Visit the EPA for more info.

xxxx 5. Scary: Certain pesticides have been banned from the U.S. for more than 20 years but yet we still import food from countries who use those very banned chemicals! WHAT???

xxxx 6. Scary: Unwanted hormones: Pregnancy and lactation hormones given to dairy cattle to “improve yield” and come out in our milk. Growth hormones and antibiotics given to cattle/chickens/pork/etc. to create more meat. (Why kids are hitting puberty earlier and earlier; yet another reason why your metabolism may be whacked out and another reason we’re developing antibiotic resistance. )

xxxx 7. Scary: Current research being done re: the combined effect of all these substances. Their concerns are it may be way worse than we could possibly imagine.

xxxx 8. Organic is more expensive (especially meat) but it balances out:

  1. We eat at home much more that restaurants/take out nowadays. ($$SAVINGS$$)
  2. Isn’t “an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure”?
  3. Organic is much more mainstream than it used to be. There are even store brands now with better prices.

 9. Look for the USDA Organic Seal when shopping. It’s supposed to mean that 95% of the product contains organic ingredients. That’s a gray area as far as I’m concerned because of all the lobbying going on. For a small sample, look under “Organic Food Fight” in this Consumer Reports article.

 xxxx 10. Remember: Our bodies don’t really know what to do with the non-food items we feed it. It’s a total miracle that it processes it as well as it does! But if you’re not worried about the cumulative effects of everything mentioned above, at least think about how much harder it is to maintain/lose weight when your metabolism is in a constant state of confusion. <shrug> Please don’t take my word for it! Research it yourself. Use my resources (see links to the right also) or find your own.

Other links: (Good basic GMO explanation) (Great organic overview) (A movie to see) (Award winning author, Environmental Journalist -Any of his books) (She’s “shedding the light on the food industry”)



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