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The research is everywhere on the need to go organic ESPECIALLY on dairy and meat if nothing else. If you need one more reason: “Men and women who eat the most dairy and red meat fat get the most pancreatic cancer. 6 yr study, > 500k subjects.” (Twitter post from Dr. John LaPuma 11-4-2009)

Remember that the fat is where all the bad stuff gets stored when the cow’s bodies (and ours for that matter) do their best to rid us of unwanted organisms, chemicals and other endocrine disruptors.

While the study makes no mention of the added growth hormones and antibiotics in the non-organic meat and dairy, there are plenty to substantiate rGHB (bovine growth hormone) for causing cancer (specifically breast, colon and prostate). And then, of course, there that little matter of all the added antibiotics. But the scariest (to me at least) is that these cows are fed GENETICALLY MODIFIED corn. 1) corn is NOT a natural food for cows, causing them to be sick and have to have all the antibiotics which are given routinely to “prevent’ their illnesses. and 2) GMO’s are untested “creations” and we have no idea of the potential side effects on humans.

Review: Living in Ignorant Bliss

1) Limit your red meat.
2) Reduce as much fat as you can when you do eat it.
3) Make a promise to yourself and family NEVER to buy non-organic dairy when grocery shopping. There’s no excuse for dairy – price isn’t THAT much different but the benefit is. (You’ll be eating conventional dairy at restaurants so don’t allow it at home.) Meat is harder to find and is very expensive. We’ve started buying from *U.S Wellness Meats and mixing with conventional to save money. I have to get used to this expense slowly!

Tip: Cheese – if you can’t find Organic specifically… look for any mention of “hormone free” on the package. It will probably also say something like “The FDA cites no difference btw cows treated with rBGH than those without.” This has an interesting story of government hoo-ha attached to it:

The FDA’s pro-rBGH activities make more sense in light of conflicts of interest between the FDA and the Monsanto corporation.” Michael R. Taylor, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for policy, wrote the FDA’s rBGH labelling guidelines. The guidelines, announced in February 1994, virtually prohibited dairy corporations from making any real distinction between products produced with and without rBGH.” To keep rBGH-milk from being “stigmatized” in the marketplace, the FDA announced that labels on non-rBGH products must state that there is no difference between rBGH and the naturally occurring hormone.

— E-mail posting at Biotech Activists list ( Posted: 05/05/2000 By Robert Cohen. Read the whole thing here:

References: See long list of this writer’s references at the end of the article, too!

* Note that there are plenty of other organic meat merchants out there. U.S. Wellness is the only one I have first had knowledge of.


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