Posted by: molander | December 29, 2009

What TO eat!

Good, Better, Best: Entry 1

We hear so much about what evil foods to avoid so let’s start out positively by singing the praises of great foods!

1) See how many foods you can eat that DON’T have labels. Fresh fruits/vegetables, meat, dairy. AKA “eating more whole foods.” At the grocery store, spend more time shopping the perimeter rather than up and down all the aisles where most of the packaged foods are. Increasing your intake of these is good; making 50% of your diets fresh, organic foods is better; shooting for 100% fresh, organic is best!  (Why you should be eating organic is explained here.) I love the way Jillian Michaels puts it:

“If it didn’t have a mother or it didn’t grow from the ground, don’t eat it. Cheetos don’t have a mother and, I don’t know about you, I don’t recall seeing a Cheeto tree in my backyard when I was growing up.” — Jillian Michaels, Master Your Metabolism

xxxxxx a) Whiny Objection #1: Organic is too expensive!

xxxxxxxxxxxx 1) Read this excellent article from Prevention Magazine: “How to Be a Budget Organic: What’s worth the extra cost, what’s not, and how to save in other ways.”

xxxxxxxxxxxx 2) The Environmental Working Group provides this handy-dandy printable for “The Clean 15” (foods with the least pesticides, etc.) and “The Dirty Dozen” (foods you should ALWAYS buy organic). Alternatively, iPhone/iTouch users can download the free app with the same info here.

2) Refer to and print this list. Someone (Michi?) compiled a wonderful list of good-better-best foods right here. Tier 3 is good food. Tier 4 is better food. Tier 5 is the best food. Tiers 1 and 2 are foods that should be eliminated from your diet all together or eaten in limited quantities. We’ll talk more about these later.




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