Posted by: molander | January 1, 2010

High-Fructose Corn Syrup

From the Avoid At All Cost List

1. Cheap alternative to sugar made from corn but refined to the extreme. Scientific explanation found here.

2. Production increased 350% since 1980.

3. Causes leptin resistance (hormone that tells you you’re full)

xxxxx a. Tricks body into NOT releasing insulin and leptin, 2  hormones released when finished eating
xxxxx b. Unlike regular sugar, HFCS does nothing to dampen ghrelin (hormone that makes you hungry)

4. We’ll continue to consume more calories even 24 hours later than if we had eaten plain table sugar.

5. Is in SO MANY THINGS so there is no way to “get it in moderation.” The FDA claims it is “generally regarded as safe.” Hmmm… generally, huh? And how much at one time is “generally regarded as safe?” How much for my 165 lb husband? How much for my 65 lb son? “Generally regarded as safe…” [rolling eyes]

6. Biggest culprit: soft drinks but the list is endless! Read labels.

Scientists believe this is one of the contributing factors of our increasing obesity rate. Read this recent research. Ironically, here are 8 HFCS foods that are marketed to dieters. Beware!



Avoid At All Cost items are either non-foods or foods modified so extremely that they have become harmful to the body. The clearest (and most concise-yet-comprehensive) list I can find on this subject is in Jillian Micheals’ book Master Your Metabolism so that’s what I’m using for reference in this series. Learn about other items on the Avoid At All Costs List at the right. Hydrogenated Fats
Refined Grains
High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Preservatives, Colors, Flavoring




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