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From Avoid At All Cost List

1.    Most common one you’ll recognize is MSG. Not a preservative but a “flavor enhancer.”

2.    In many common foods (canned tuna, soups, canned ravioli to name a few)

3.    Recent New Your Times article noted that Doritos have five kinds of glutamates!

4.    High levels of glutamates “mess with your brain chemistry, big-time.”*

5.    Glutamates are a form of excitotoxin which are devastating to the nervous system.

xxxxx a.    Head right to the brain
xxxxx b.    One brain area particularly vulnerable is the hypothalamus or “ground zero for hunger hormones like neuropeptide Y.”*

6.    Some processed foods have more than 1 kind of glutamate.

7.    Glutamates effect the part of your brain that make you want more.

8.    “As you eliminate as many glutamates as possible from your diet, also explore ways to boost the natural flavor of foods, Fermented foods, wine, soy sauce, Parmesan cheese, anchovies and ketchup are all naturally flavorful. Also, roasting, smoking or slow grilling makes foods taste rich and savory. And seek out the organic versions and enjoy without fear!”*

* Quoting Jillian Michaels in Master Your Metabolism


Avoid At All Cost items are either non-foods or foods modified so extremely that they have become harmful to the body. The clearest (and most concise-yet-comprehensive) list I can find on this subject is in Jillian Micheals’ book Master Your Metabolism so that’s what I’m using for reference in this series. Learn about other items on the Avoid At All Costs List at the right. Hydrogenated Fats
Refined Grains
High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Preservatives, Colors, Flavoring




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