About Me

Margaret Olander

Margaret Olander

Wife and mother, former teacher, incessant researcher, Sunday school leader, techno nerd, animal lover, Disney fan, ADHD advocate, stubborn skeptic, health fanatic, National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist.

Always health conscience, I love reading and learning about health, medical breakthroughs, and fitness. While I truly believe that “you are what you eat,” I hate to cook and always thought it was so much trouble to “avoid processed foods” etc. Besides, I wasn’t convinced that the “trace amounts of <fill in the blank>” were really all that bad for us.

…And then I read Jillian Michaels’ Master Your Metabolism and… well… it was like a light turned on. Jillian not only cited research NOT funded by drug companies, but explained the biochemistry of WHY whole, organic foods are necessary. While I found these explanations intriguing, I’m not prone to jump on the band wagon blindly. After continued research, my whole family became happy converts.

The diet changes are simple and the benefits are amazing… especially for our youngest who struggles with severe ADHD. He’s quick to ask you if something has artificial coloring or if it’s organic! He feels the difference and we can see the difference!!

The bottom line: Nutrition IS preventive medicine.




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